With only two weeks left to go until Parade Day (15th of October), we thought there was still time to have a look at another army from around the office. This Age of Sigmar Eldritch Council-in-progress is the work of Martin Morrin, and here is what he has to say about the project so far:

“When I was trying to find a new army to do for Age of Sigmar, I was skimming through the back of the General’s Handbook to find a faction I liked. I was looking for something a little different, something that not many other people would have. I also wanted a single faction army that would do well in matched play and look good when painted. Each time I flicked through the Order section, one small faction kept jumping out at me: The Eldritch Council.

I was confident that I hadn’t seen a pure Eldritch Council force before, so that was the first thing ticked off. In gaming terms, if I used just this faction in matched play, I could have Swordmasters as my battleline units and there were definitely leaders in there, so  I quickly worked out a force with a bit of everything in it. I came out with an Archmage on Dragon, a Loremaster and 3 units of twenty Swordmasters. I was confident that this army could do well without being overly scary for my opponent and with that – condition two was met.

My ultimate aim with this army is to paint something really nice to take to two matched play events and enter Armies on Parade. My goal for the events was to win more than I lost, but more importantly, for me to get a nomination for best painted army. It was essential that I picked something with great models that would allow me to showcase some nice painting and give me a chance for a cool conversion or two. I love the Swordmaster models and was looking forward to trying a different bright clean colour scheme on them. While the Swordmaster models I had were single pose, the dragon kit certainly was not. I would get to have two of these in my force. I would build the first as per the instructions, but I had a cool idea for a conversion I wanted to do for the second. The only thing to add was a Loremaster and I was done. With all this decided, I was confident that my third and final condition was met.

With my force picked and models acquired, I was all set and ready to go. Next stop was painting a test model.”

We will be checking back in with these Armies in the Office projects in a few weeks to see how every thing turned out, so watch this space.