Owen’s Slaves to Darkness

Armies on Parade is a yearly celebration of collecting and painting Citadel Miniatures, and this year’s event is fast approaching. If you’re not familiar with armies on Parade, it’s simple – build and paint your army, bring it in during Parade Week and compete with your fellow hobbyists. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your entry, we thought we’d help with a look at some of the best Armies on Parade boards from last year, starting with Owen’s impressive Slaves to Darkness:

Xaphinelix’s Gambit

Slaves to Darkness, BY OWEN PATTEN

Owen Patten is has entered Armies on Parade several times over the last few years and his boards are always an impressive sight. Last year he painted a Slaves to Darkness army full of warriors dedicated to Khorne. Or so they think…

“When Warhammer Age of Sigmar came out I really wanted to collect a Chaos army,” says Owen. “I like Khorne, but I also really like Tzeentch, so I was a bit stumped as to which god to follow. I recall reading how the Slaves to Darkness often change their allegiance depending on their leader or the perceived favour of a particular god, and that got me thinking – what if a warlord dedicated to Khorne was being sneakily manipulated by a Gaunt Summoner? That would give me loads of modelling and painting options and plenty of conversion opportunities.

“Most of the models are from the Slaves to Darkness range, though there are a couple of Khorne units and a couple of Tzeentch units to show how the army is slowly being manipulated and divided. For the board, I used one of the Shattered Dominion tiles with a Chaos Dreadhold and a Malefic Gate added to it.”

The Fires of Tzeentch

Owen used the roiling energy from the Baleful Realmgate for the flames on the tower. “I imagine the Gaunt Summoner is casting a spell and making the tower float off,” says Owen. “It’s like a massive Disc of Tzeentch.” Owen airbrushed the flames in oranges and yellows to make them stand out from the rest of the board.

Really Shiny Armour

Owen wanted his Chaos Warriors to wear hard steel armour but with the slightly blue tint of magic to it.

He sprayed all his models with Leadbelcher spray, then washed them with a 1:1 mix of Guilliman Blue and Nuln Oil to shade the recesses. Once dry, Owen drybrushed them with Necron Compound before adding chips and scratches with Runefang Steel.

These Chaos Warriors clearly seek Khorne’s patronage, as shown by the helmets they wear, which feature the Blood God’s rune. The heads were spare parts from the Wrathmongers kit.

Owen’s Daemon Prince is clearly one of Tzeentch’s minions as evidenced by his blue skin. Owen painted him using a basecoat of The Fang, followed by Russ Grey and Fenrisian Grey. A wash of Druchii Violet helps blend the highlights together.

One of Owen’s heroes stands atop a Chaos Warshrine that bears the mark of Tzeentch – a clear sign that this warrior has decided to worship the Changer of Ways.

This Chaos Lord and Slaughterpriest are followers of the Blood God. Owen painted their armour the same way as the rest of his models but used red as the spot colour on the cloth areas of the models to show they’re still dedicated of Khorne.

This article was first published in the October 2016 issue of White Dwarf Magazine.  

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