Armies in the Office Follow-up

Well folks, tomorrow is Parade Day, so we hope you’re getting all those last finishing touches on your entry. As every Games Workshop and Warhammer store across the world displays their armies, we are looking at there being as many as a million individual models on parade – how exciting!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shown off several entries-in-progress from around the offices of Games Workshop Headquarters, and we thought we’d check back in to see how they’ve all come along, now that we’re just hours away from the big day.

Beth Swan’s Sylvaneth are looking great, and here’s what she has to say about the experience:

I am so close to being finished with my Armies on Parade entry. My experience has been mostly positive when it comes to the building and painting, but the time frame that I gave myself was unrealistic and my current home situation is not entirely hobby friendly. Instead of a Tree Lord, I acquired 10 Dryads, which slowed my progress on everything else. (Especially since the Tree Lord was an ‘if I have enough time’ miniature!)  I have had a few over-nighters to complete my army on time (and one more tonight), but I made a commitment and I plan to keep the promise I made to myself. I still definitely want a Tree Lord in my army, and more Kurnoth Hunters. I can’t wait to play my first AoS game with my newly built army!

Gregory Cook’s Tau army has come along nicely, and here are his reflections on the process:

After my initial painted force, I was left with a board to plan and paint as well as needing to complete the army. Its now been the better part of 2 months(?) and with 3 days to go, I’ve still to complete the board. Once I’d picked up a Sector Imperialis board segment, I arranged the painted force I had, and it took up a good portion of the board, which is probably for the best, as that meant all I needed to do now was work on the board itself and get some form of scenery onto it. As a Tau player, I was in luck, there are some great pieces that I could use to pad out the footprint from both Forge World and the Games Workshop store. I opted for a Tidewall Gunrig as I wanted to add some height while still having a good footprint on the board, and I can also use it in my games for taking pot shots at pesky Imperial Knights! As my first attempt at Armies on Parade, its been a steep learning curve. The biggest lesson for me has certainly been to start earlier for next year. This would have a knock on of allowing me to plan everything a bit better and bring a larger theme to the whole piece as opposed to being constrained partly by what I already had painted. All in all, while I’d have liked to tie it together a bit more, I’m not unhappy with the outcome. Now I’m off to start planning next years!

This fine entry by Martin Morrin has really come together, and he shares a few of this thoughts on how the process went:

After choosing a colour scheme for my force, I got stuck into painting in earnest. I wanted my banners to stand out on the battlefield so I made them much bigger and detailed them by adding some Eldar transfers. I used the batch painting technique suggested by Duncan on his videos and took some guidance from the Stormcast Eternal painting guides to get a nice gold. Originally, I was working with a green spot colour but changed it to blue with a view to match it to a new Hammers of Sigmar army later.

The most fun I had was painting the dragons, and I am very happy with my swooping Drakeseer conversion. All in all, it looks great together and I am delighted with the outcome. I took the army to the Warlords event at Warhammer World, as planned, and of all things, I ended up playing against another Eldritch Council army!!! (So much for my unique force). It was my most fun game of the weekend, however, and I even got inspired by a great conversion that my opponent had used for his Archmage which I ‘borrowed’ and used to make multiple Loremasters. In the end, I moved onto a new army for my next event at the end of October and so didn’t spend as long on matching terrain as I had originally planned. I am very glad to have painted an army for Armies on Parade and enjoyed having a deadline to work to, inspiring me to get it done. I have already started thinking about what to do next year!!!

Well that’s that, everyone. Good luck tomorrow.

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