Tyranid Swarm by Gabriele Del Prete

With Armies on Parade coming around faster than you think, it’s time to start planning your own project – if you haven’t already. If executed well, the simplest ideas can be super effective. Such is the case with Gabriele’s terrifyingly beautiful Tyranids. With their bio-weapons, the Tyranids advance through a fecund jungle which is teeming with life of its own – not a scrap of metal in sight! Imagine the heat, the sound of the fauna, the creepy, scuttling sounds of the claws, and the wet, slavering jaws of the invading xenos… It’s all very thematic. 

Taken as a whole, the red and black Tyranids really pop off of the vivid green jungle vegetation. The purity of the jungle creates the perfect backdrop for the menacing alien biology that infests it. The contrast is pronounced, yet it all shares a certain organic and natural form – making the scene even creepier. The bases of his Tyranids are dotted with foliage and rich loam to match the lush rainforest of the display board, which ties them together perfectly. 

This towering Trygon looms large at the rear of Gabriele’s display. Note the mottling that has been painted on each of the glossy black plates on this model, a motif that has been used across the whole army. You can also see the green accent colour, which connects these monsters to the jungle background. 

Gabriele arranged his Armies on Parade entry so that it looks like a Tyranid horde on marching orders, with smaller Termagants and Hormagaunts scuttling at the feet of bigger, nastier Tyranid monsters.

Armies on Parade is an excellent opportunity to take your existing army and create a display just for them, but you could create the board first, or even tackle both at the same time. It’s entirely up to you! 

Fancy having a crack at Tyranids yourself? The Start Collecting! Tyranids box includes a swarm of Genestealers, a larger Broodlord to lead them, and a massive Trygon to form a fitting centrepiece! 

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