The Rapacious Horde of Hive Fleet Behemoth by John Bracken

Anyone who knows John Bracken will no doubt be familiar with the sheer range of painted armies at his disposal (including, amongst many others, his Drukhari and Blood Angels). However, for this Armies on Parade entry, John chose to paint up a gribbly collection of Tyranids from the mighty Hive Fleet Behemoth.

“My Armies on Parade entry was inspired by the Tyranid invasion of Macragge during the First Tyrannic War,” says John. “I wanted to get across the feel of an endless, ravenous swarm, which is why the army features so many Hormagaunts backed up by a few select monstrous creatures.”

“I followed the colour scheme for the Court of the Nephillim King in the Invasion Swarms painting guide,” says John, “which is closely based on the colours of Hive Fleet Behemoth. However, I have to confess that the feathering on the carapace drove me slightly mad!”

“The army is led to war by the Swarmlord, one of the most deadly Tyranids commanders of all time,” says John. “I painted its boneswords a different colour to the rest of the model (indeed, the rest of the army) to make them stand out.”

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