Sa’cea Sept Urban Strike Team by Owen Patten

Owen has perfectly captured the feeling of an invading xenos army cautiously advancing through the rubble of a ruined and decaying Imperial wasteland. The clean, cool blue-grey T’au stand out against the dirty and weathered drab greens and ruddy browns of the display board. This creates colour contrast, naturally, as well as textural and even thematic contrast.

The T’au pick their way through the ruins of Andronicus Prime.

Owen loves building scenery. He’s combined a diverse array of kits to create the display board – the doors to the factory complex are from a Skyshield Landing Pad, for example.

Owen’s army is painted in the blue-grey armour commonly associated with T’au urban warfare camouflage. They also bear the orange markings of Sa’cea Sept.

Shas’vre Montra’ios, piloting a Riptide Battlesuit, is truly a fitting centrepiece for the collection.

Owen painted his display board in the muted colours of a rusting Imperial hive world – the perfect backdrop to the blue-grey-armoured T’au advancing across it. Take note of the bases on these models, which he built using offcuts from the converted buildings.

This sleek, clean-looking Hammerhead tank hovers over the filth, providing mobile fire support for the army as it advances.

Owen started out by painting his models with The Fang to give them an even blue-grey foundation. He then shaded them with Nuln Oil, and added highlights with Fenrisian Grey. He picked out some of the panels in Thunderhawk Blue for a low-contrast spot colour, and then added pops of bright orange to make a strong impact.

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