Khorne Bloodbound by Dom Murray

“I’ve always loved the image of the frozen north and the Chaos Wastes from the world-that-was,” says Dom, “but I’d never built and painted a Chaos army. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to take something that I love from the background and bring it to life in miniature form. The idea for the display was to have a Khorne warband swarming around the warlord’s throne just before they run into battle. A Magewrath Throne was the perfect choice for this, with Arcane Ruins scattered around it to look like the remains of an ancient temple.

“When I paint a new army, I always consider what my three main colours for the models will be – for this force they are red, brass and white snow. I tend to dawdle when painting models, so getting a whole army finished can be quite a chore sometimes. To help, I opted for a really simple painting style of basecoat, wash and highlight – that’s it. The models were all undercoated Mephiston Red, then the brass was picked out with Brass Scorpion and the other metalwork with Leadbelcher. I then washed the red and brass with Agrax Earthshade Gloss and the silver with Nuln Oil Gloss – I wanted them to look quite slick, probably with blood. One highlight to each area and the models were almost finished.”

“The Khorne range has so many great characters but this Slaughterpriest is easily one of my favourites,” says Dom. “He’s suitably covered in blood, too.”

“A few years ago I made it my mission to paint one of every plastic Hero for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. That plan kind of fell by the wayside due to family life, but I really wanted to get the Chaos Lord done as he’s one of my favourites – he’s so brooding and mean looking and the perfect warlord for my army.”

“The Slaughterbrute is my centrepiece – it adds scale and presence to the army,” says Dom. “I painted it really simply – the raw skin is Blood for the Blood God over the Mephiston Red basecoat, while the black carapace is just Abaddon Black drybrushed with Brass Scorpion – I wanted to feature that colour on every model.”

“I wanted the Realmgate to look like it was Chaos-tainted, so I added the spare ball of energy from the Slaughterbrute kit to make it look like Chaos energy was floating through the gate. Of course, I painted it to look like blood!”

The Chaos Wastes

“I wanted to paint the board really simply,” says Dom. “I stuck down all the scenery and undercoated the whole thing Chaos Black. Then I painted the board with Mournfang Brown – some of which went on the scenery but that didn’t matter because it helped tie it to the board a little better. I then drybrushed the board with Dryad Bark, Steel Legion Drab and Karak Stone, then the scenery with Brass Scorpion. The snow is Valhallan Blizzard – lots of it! I used quite a few pots of the stuff, but the effect is great – you can really pile it up into heavy drifts.”

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