Eldar, By Eddie Eccles

This Harlequins force by Eddie Eccles, won the 2014 Parade Day at Warhammer World.

Eddie has modelled his display to look like a strike force of Harlequins striding forth from the mystical Black Library. Several units in the army were created by combining kits from different parts of the Eldar and Dark Eldar range.

Since 2014, the Harlequins range has expanded quite a lot, now including plastic characters, vehicles and jetbikes, all of which make creating a Harlequins army today far more straightforward.

The accompanying scenery is created mostly from Citadel terrain, with a few statues made from elven models, representing the gods of the Eldar pantheon. The board itself is painted in a monotone black and white scheme, which lets the vibrant reds and blues of the army stand out from their surroundings.

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