Bad Moons Orks by Al Jacob

Armies on Parade is just around the corner. We’ve been looking through the archives for some of our favourite entries from previous years, and we found Al’s incredible Orks display. 

Al hits all the notes that make Orks one of the most universally loved factions in the game: fantastic conversions, bright colours juxtaposed with gritty weathering, and lots of grim humour. Let’s take a look at what’s on this jam-packed board.

Orks muster in their barbaric encampment, peeking from every nook and cranny. Note the asymmetrical composition and strong sense of movement and direction.

In true Orky fashion, many of Al’s models have been heavily converted – from the massive Deff Dread preparing to stomp the life out of a Space Marine to the tank-treaded Ork Trukk that carries the Nobz to battle.

Longtime collectors will notice quite a few classic Citadel miniatures scattered throughout the army – check out Zodgrod Wortsnagga and the Bad Moons Nob at the bottom of the kustom Flash Gitz tower.

The army, as a whole, is a riot of colours and textures, and a mix of bitz and gubbinz from all sorts of places – yet Al’s distinctive painting style brings it all together. 

Anti-air support is provided by this kustom dakka shoota on a scratch-built tower.

There are lots of characters in this army – Kaptin Badrukk and his Flash Gitz lord it over the boyz from a lofty perch, while Boss Zagstruk romps into battle with the rest of da ladz.

Have you started planning your entry for Armies on Parade? Orks are a fantastic starting point, with plenty of opportunities to create unique, characterful, impressive armies. Grab a Start Collecting! Orks box and get to work!

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