Parade Day 2016 has now come and gone, and we had a great time down at Warhammer World this past Saturday ogling all the amazing armies. Loads of people brought in their entries to show off, the talent and craftsmanship on display was stellar, and the atmosphere was great – all combining to make this one of the best years yet for this exciting competition.

Below are photos of some of the fantastic entries that came into the Warhammer World store, and we even have a few words from the gold and silver entrants.



An army of Death, lead by the towering and ever-imposing Nagash.

A fully mounted Stormcast Eternals force.

The Death Korps have really dug in to this board.

A fearsome array of the forces of Chaos.

Stormcast Eternals on an eye-catching board of tiles.

The Astra Militarum traversing some snow-covered terrain on their way to war.

Grey Knights hunting Daemons amongst the lava pools.

A host of the Undead skulking out of the night accompanied by vengeful spirits.

A horde of orange-clad Skaven scuttle through the ruins.

These Blood Angels are securing a vital passage way over a river of sludge.

Khorne worshippers looking for blood and skulls in a frozen wasteland.

White Scars stalk their prey through a desert while an Imperial Knight keeps watch.

The Raven Guard blend into the darkness to come upon their prey in deadly ambush.

The ever-changing seasons of Ghyran are on full display for the Sylvaneth patrolling the land.


Alarielle, the Everqueen, leads her warriors to bring life back to the realms ravaged by Chaos.

Mars unleashes its mechanical might in search ancient technology.

When the votes were in, however, these next two armies were awarded with silver and gold.

The Seraphon use the magic of the stars to protect their sacred sites. This entry was presented by Joey Logan, one of our Armies in the Office entrants. Here is what he had to say after winning a Silver Parade Day medal.

So now the dust has settled after the event, I came in SECOND! and my silver medal has taken its place in my shelf. As expected, the day was great and there was so much excitement in the hall at Warhammer World. Fortunately, the day was married with a Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament, so there were countless hobbyists offering advice and talking about their own armies and hobby projects. Frankly, the competition on the day was tough, and there were some of the best boards I have seen to date entered with a great mix of armies and styles.
I really cannot wait for next year now – onward to GOLD!!!!!



Finally, this force of Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists, crafted and painted by the talented Eddie Eccles, came away with the most votes – and a shiny gold medal.

Eddie had this to say regarding his well-deserved victory:

I was delighted to earn a gold for my board this year at Warhammer World. There were some really excellent entries in the competition this year.

The army is a combination Tyranid and Genestealer Cult force. The scene is an overrun research base: Anphelion Beta, a reference I’m sure a lot of Tyranid players will get. The army colour scheme is purposefully very vivid, and based on a brightly coloured sea creature called a mantis shrimp. I had a lot of fun with a few of the monstrous creature conversions, and painting up the new Genestealer Cult models, which are all phenomenal miniatures.

I always think an Armies on Parade entry is a little different from painting an army for gaming or even for a cabinet display. Partly this is down to the space restriction, which helps dictate the scale of the project. I think the best Armies on Parade entries tell a story: you can understand and appreciate not just the army, but the context. I think a bit of spectacle is needed too, whether that is done through the army colour scheme, impressive centrepiece models, the accompanying board, or all of the above – that’s up to you. If you’re thinking of entering next year, I’d also highly recommend you start at least thinking now about your entry – it’s never to early to start planning. I already have a few ideas for 2017… 


Eddie’s army actually features in next month’s White Dwarf as part of their regular Armies on Parade feature. You can find the magazine in stores on October 28th, or subscribe here.

Well done to everyone who came down to Warhammer World to participate. See you again next year!