As it’s Friday, we thought it was time to show off another Armies on Parade work in progress from around the site. We found what looks like is going to be a stunning Sylvaneth army on Beth Swan’s desk, and here is what she has to say about her entry:

‘I have never done Armies on Parade before, but I’ve always wanted to. I decided my first foray into the Age of Sigmar would be with the Sylvaneth. The Alarielle model and the Sisters of the Thorn were the original basis for my army as I really like the idea of an army with lots of females in it. I wanted to add something to the Sisters to put them more in line with the feel of the Sylvaneth, so I am converting them with Tree Revenant bits. Alarielle will remain separate from the Wardroth Beetle so they can be displayed together or separately. The army will also include some Kurnoth Hunters and (fingers crossed) a Treelord. In the long run, I plan to add a plethora of Dryads, but not in time for Armies on Parade.

My display board will have scratch built trees with an Autumn/Winter colour scheme. I am especially looking forward to painting the Wardroth Beetle and Stags. I’m going to crack open the airbrush for this project, and I can’t wait to see how it affects the overall look of my army.’ – Beth

We can’t wait to see how it turns out as well!