Another week, another Armies on Parade entry to look at! This one was on Joey Logan’s desk, and here’s what he had to say about his work in progress:

“Before Age of Sigmar, I had a huge passion for Lizardmen, and they were my first army when I got into the hobby. I remember buying the fabled Warhammer 5th edition box set as my first ever venture into anything toy soldier related, and frankly, I loved it!

With the new incarnation of the Seraphon in Age of Sigmar, I thought it would have been rude not to revisit my roots, and what better way to start that re-imagining than with what I loved about my first army: Kroxigor, and lots of them.

I also love Skinks, and I really love the idea that a whole army can be Skinks even re-imagining Kroxigor as mutated Skinks – so that is what sparked this venture. As for the colours, I really wanted to stretch my imagination and decided on two base colours that would make up the bulk of the force, purple and yellow.

I wanted to try a new technique as well, so I delved into the world of ‘staining’. This technique consists of spraying and drybrushing a miniature with a deep base coat. In the case of the purple, this meant starting with Khorne Red spray and dusting with Mephiston Red spray, followed by a light drybrush of Evil Sunz Scarlet, and then using Xeurus Purple and Lahmian Medium (roughly 50:50 ratio) to coat all of the red in purple – a bit like washing. This effect leaves a great highlighted and shaded effect over the muscle tone and really suits the organic nature of these miniatures.

As for the rest, armed with the great combo of the new gloss shades and great high pigment metallics, I was able to very quickly create an effect I was really pleased with.

I cannot wait to finish the rest of the army and show it off in all its glory!” – Joey