Armies on Parade is an annual celebration of collecting and painting Citadel Miniatures. This is your opportunity to build and paint a new army.

Anyone can take part in Armies on Parade. All you need to do is build and paint an army and take it in to one of our Warhammer or Games Workshop stores on 15th October – the Parade Day.

It’s that simple! The only restriction is that your army needs to fit in an area no larger than 2′ by 2′. Many use this space to create a display board for their entry. It’s a great opportunity to build and paint some scenery and it makes your army look even more impressive.

The store winner is decided by a public vote, everyone choosing their favourite Armies on Parade entry. The top three entrants in each territory will receive one of the coveted armies on Parade medals.

Even if you don’t have your eyes on winning though, this is an unparallelled opportunity to challenge yourself to create a new force to a deadline, and have a fully painted army at the end of it.

On this website are some examples from previous years, and we’ll be posting up more to inspire you as Parade Day approaches.

Parade Day: 15th October
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