What is Armies on Parade?

Armies on Parade is a global celebration of your Citadel miniatures collections, held in every Warhammer and Games Workshop store across the world. This is your chance to paint an army to the best of your ability, and show it off for the world to see.

Why should I enter?

Some enter for fun, some to challenge themselves to complete a painted army in a given time, and some just to join in the worldwide celebration.  

When is this year’s Parade Day?

This year, stores will be running Armies on Parade across an entire month, from August 11th to October 13th. Speak to your local store about exact dates and times for entry.

What do I need to do to enter?

It’s simple: you paint up a collection of Citadel miniatures and bring them into the store during the above period to show them off. You’ll have up to a 2’x2′ area to work with.

Do I have to enter a game-legal army?

Nope. Your collection can have any Citadel miniatures that you like.

We expect a lot of people will pick a themed army based around a force they might also want to use in games, but you don’t have to. Your theme can be anything from “The 2nd Company of Ultramarines during the final battles of the War for Damnos” to “Every Hero of the Mortal Realms” or anything in between.

Lots of the armies on this website have boards – what’s that about?

Many players like to display their collections on thematic boards or alongside relevant scenery or fortifications. You are welcome to do so, provided your board’s footprint is no larger than 2’x2′ (which, wouldn’t you know, is the size of one of our Realm of Battle tiles).

Do I need to have a board?

No, you are welcome to enter a collection displayed without any accompanying board or scenery.

Does my entry have to be fully painted?

It does. Part of the fun of Armies on Parade is completing a painted collection. Set yourself the challenge, and rise to it!

Is there a height limit on the boards?

Theoretically, no…

However, your local store might have practical issues to consider (like a roof) so may impose a height restriction.

We recommend that you don’t make the board or miniatures taller than the board is wide.

How is the winner in each store decided?

The winner in each store will be determined by public vote.

This year, there will be more categories than just Best Painted with awards going out for Best Theme, Youngbloods, Best Board and more. We’ll have more detail on these soon.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

Start painting!

Start Collecting! sets are a great way to embark on a new project, as are boxed sets like Dark Imperium, Soul Wars and Burning of Prospero.

The 2018 Parade runs from August 11th to October 13th.

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